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Which Collagen to choose?

Which Collagen to choose?

Many consumers face a dilemma when choosing the Collagen suitable for their body. You may be wondering whether to opt for the 100% natural, 100% pure Collagen, or the one recommended by doctors and pharmacists. So, which is the right one for you?

In this post, we shall be revealing lots of things you need to know, enabling you to choose the right Collagen suitable for your needs.

If you observe very well, you will notice that Collagen is one of the most popular dietary supplements lately. And nowadays, the market offers more Collagen food supplement producers than ever, which may affect your decision about the one suitable for your needs.

Also, many companies have started using specific claims, indicating that their products are better or more efficient than other similar products from other manufacturers in order to claim greater importance to their products.

Types of nutrition supplements references

References on dietary supplements are any public information regarding the function or its content. Manufacturers use them primarily for competitive purposes. There are several types of references.

  • sensory, function-related references
  • references relating to the ingredients; and
  • comparative references.

The references should be credible, fair, and in accordance with the law. All of the claims are supposed to have supporting evidence, but in some cases, it is not so, and this usually turns out to be the heart of the problem.

Collagen shot premium 3x

"The only collagen recommended by doctors and pharmacists."

Let's be honest, does the doctor recommend this because he really attributes the product to its positive effects, or is he just being paid by the company to advertise the product? You might find it hard to believe, but many scientific articles are also being paid for by companies, so the results favor it. Doctors are prohibited from promoting or even selling nutritional supplements by legislation for some time now, but this is still often the case.

Although it is not exactly clear how many health professionals are engaged in the practice, a March 2010 study was published on the topic by the Nutrition Business Journal. This study found out that out of 600 physicians, naturopathic physicians, chiropractors, nutritionists, and other practitioners, 76% also make money through direct nutritional supplement sales.
Industry analysts predict that healthcare professionals will be among the fastest-growing nutritional supplement sales channels in the next decade.

"The Only Certified Collagen"

Nutrition supplement regulations are relatively loose. It's about the same as in cosmetics. For example, there are at least ten natural cosmetics certifications, and they all differ in requirements. The same goes for nutritional supplements. For instance, certificates and standards, such as Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Pharmacovigilance Practice (GPP), should be respected by all companies.

All other additional certificates are obtained by nutritional supplements provider from various institutions where raw materials and efficiency are tested. However, these tests are performed by almost all manufacturers of dietary supplements and therefore do not necessarily require certification.
So the next time you're buying any nutritional supplement, check whether a GMP certificate is there for a reason or solely for marketing purposes.

"The only 100% pure collagen."

In principle, each starting compound should be proven 100% pure and free from any impurities that could pose a potential health hazard. The only 100% pure collagen also refers to the final formulation of the dietary supplement. Many manufacturers want only 100% collagen preparation, with no other additives. However, with supplements such as vitamins and minerals, there is nothing wrong with collagen preparations. They can only further enhance the absorption of Collagen and support its function or improve its effects.

"The best collagen on the Slovenian market."

This claim is indirectly a comparative one. These types of nutrition supplement references are, in principle, prohibited, but they are never really publicly discussed. There are many collagen supplements on the Slovenian market, all of which are probably good. Don't be fooled by such exaggerated claims as not all products work equally for everyone. Some people will see the effects after the use of collagen X within one month, while on the other hand, you may not notice any effects at all.

All of the above-mentioned dietary supplements references and many more are used to cast other competing products in a bad light. Gaia Naturelle Collagen Shot could also be subject to these claims since the raw materials are 100% pure, the nutritional supplement is manufactured following good manufacturing practice (GMP), and has proven effectiveness.

In line with the product's positive reactions, it could also be considered the best one on the market. Let the Collagen Shot speak for itself!


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