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General well-being

General well-being

Several factors must be fulfilled for overall health and well-being in our bodies. Adequate, healthy, wholesome - seasonal diet, enough fluids and regular physical activity. The latter also ensures good and stable mental, not just physical status. Taking into account all of the above mentioned factors, a person is well prepared to deal with stress and finds it easier to navigate themselves in more difficult situations.

At this point, it is worth mentioning that it is also important to consume dietary supplements, as not all vitamins, minerals and other active ingredients can be ingested with food (to meet daily needs). And what happens when there is a flood of dietary supplements from different manufacturers on the market - each of them claiming that theirs is best. Confusion, right?

When choosing dietary supplements, it is extremely important to first check what your body is really lacking. It would be a waste to take a dietary supplement that your body doesn't really need - with the exception of vitamin C, which is known not to be impossible to overdose because the excess is excreted with urine.

We must not forget that collagen plays a big role in the vitality of the body. It is the most important protein in the body and contributes to youthful appearance and inner vitality. With a sufficient amount of collagen in the body, you will ensure joint and vascular flexibility, and healthy connective tissue. Whether you decide for a collagen replacement in the form of a dietary supplement or through a chosen diet that also promotes the formation of your own collagen, is ultimately entirely your decision.

Best scenario, however, would be that there was one single supplement that would take care of the balance of all the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. That would then provide our body with the perfect balance. But unfortunately, we are far from that.

For the normal functioning of our body, good mental and physical health, our body needs all the vitamins and minerals in sufficient quantities. We do not overdo it by taking nutritional supplements. The only vitamin that we can consume more and does not pose a risk of overdose, is vitamin C. Excess vitamin C is excreted through urine.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C participates in the formation of body‘s own collagen. Collagen is needed for the normal functioning of blood vessels, bones, cartilage, gums, skin and teeth. Vitamin C plays an important role in normal functioning of the immune system. Vitamin C contributes to normal functioning of the nervous system and reduces fatigue and exhaustion.


As the amount of collagen in the body decreases with age, there is also an increased risk of developing degenerative joint diseases, such as osteoarthritis, a condition that could also be called “wear and tear” of the joints.

Some studies have shown that collagen supplements can improve the symptoms of osteoarthritis and reduce joint pain.


MSM is an essential mineral for the regeneration of cells, and due to this, it is one of the most important nutrients for us to remain healthy, youthful, and strong, and can benefit many organs and systems within our body.

MSM has a detoxifying effect on the body because it improves cell permeability. This means that cells become more capable of releasing excess toxins from our systems and allowing essential nutrients into our system.

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